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A Circle of Men

Documentary | 72' | 2021 | Spain

Directed by: Iván Roiz & Álvaro Priante
Produced by: Nanouk Films, Holidays Films, Movistar+
Original Music: Olivier Arson


“A documentary film that unveils toxic masculinity in search of new patterns and equality”

"An uncomfortable and uncensored portrait of a process in which deconstruction and exploration of masculinity is represented by a group of men who share their experiences" (Movistar+)

A Circle of Men is a raw and at times uncomfortable portrayal of the process of deconstructing and exploring masculinity. Thanks to the rise of feminisms, a critical spotlight has been placed on what it means to be a man, a question the individuals in this documentary try to channel through the Circles: collective therapies that serve both as a cathartic process and as a place of encounter.
Will they be capable of building a new kind of masculinity, or will they push back against what they consider an attack on their values and learned ways of living?