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A Lifetime

International Premiere 2023

Documentary | 72' | 2023 | SPAIN

Directed by: Marta Romero
Producer by: Distinto Films, Proyecta Films
Producer: Miriam Porté
Theatrical Distirbution Spain: FILMIN
International Festivals Distribution: Movies for Festivals


“An emotional film about an elderly couple in a loving relationship  through the eyes of their granddaughter”

PACO (75) and TRINI (73) have always been together. Due to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Paco and his children make the difficult decision to put Trini in a nursing home, where he visits her and takes care of her daily. We discover their story through the eyes of their granddaughter Marta, who for 12 years films her grandparents' relationship. What begins as an attempt to capture memory ends up becoming a film about the love of a lifetime.