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Almost Legends

Feature ficction| 116' | 2017 | Argentina

Directed by: Gabriel Nesci
Starring by: Santiago Segura, Diego Peretti and Diego Torres.
Produced by: MyS Producción, Bowfinger International
Available subtitles: English


Axel (Santiago Segura), a very singular Spanish man, decides to start the search of his ex rock band mates in Buenos Aires.
25 years before, they showed real potential but because of some mysterious reasons they've never reached fame.
Javier (Diego Peretti), a teacher who can't communicate with his teenager son, and Lucas (Diego Torres), a conceited lawyer who suddenly looses his job. A double challenge awaits them: to become the band they've always dreamed of, and, as if that were not enough, to resolve their own personal problems.


San Diego Latino Film Festival, March 2018, U.S.A
Mirada Oeste Film Festival, Nov. 2017, Argentina
XIV Muestra de Cine Latinoamericano,  Nov. 2017, Cinemateca Boliviana.