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City of the dead

Feature documentary | 58' | 2019 | Spain

Directed by: Miguel Eek
Produced by: Mosaic Producciones


“City of the Dead” is a documentary about death, construed by the living. Its protagonists are people who face death every day and that have found another way to understand it.

Biel, the watchman; José, the sales & commercial agent; David and Sergio, the undertakers; Jaume and Mohammed, the gardeners, José Luis, the crematorium operator and Manuela, the cleaner, all work at the Palma cementery.
By exploring their interactions, sometimes dramatic, sometimes comical, we not only discover the unknown world of death, but also the personal stories of its inhabitants.


- Special Mention to the Best Documentary - MAKEDOX, Creative Documentary Film Festival, August 2019 (Macedonia)
- Best Feature Documentary - Firenze Film Festival 2019, (Italy)
- Best Feature Documentary - SOMCINEMA, Festival de L'Audiovisual Catala, October 2019, (Lleida, Spain)
- Best Balearic FIlm, NYC Film Infest 2019  (USA)