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Dancing Madness

When the body goes beyond the words

Feature Documentary | 73' | 2022 | Spain

Directed by: Marta Espar & Maiol Virgili
Produced by: Reporters


Three contemporary dancers aim to create a choreography that seeks the limits between normality and madness and invite three women diagnosed with mental disorders to share their creative process with them.
They stay together in a house in the Basque Country to attend rehearsals together and discover what a psychiatric diagnosis implies. They talk about drugs side effects, delusions and suicide. But also about loneliness and friendship.
Without prejudices. In a human journey that breaks taboos about madness. When they premiere, the dancers have changed their vision of madness and the dance piece includes the voices of these women who have been by their side throughout the creative process. We typically associate crazy with what deviates from the norm, but what is normal? Who decides it? And what is madness? Can it be danced?