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East to West, from North to South

A journey of 14,000 km across the Atlantic Ocean

Documentary | 62' | 2022 | Chile - Spain

Directed by: Domingo Abelli
Produced by: GOROKA
Producter: Guille Cascante


Arturo and Tito are two adolescents who live in the southernmost town on the earth (Puerto Williams, Chile). Their families and ancestors have worked all their lives as fishermen in extreme conditions, which is why the future of the two boys is intrinsically linked to the sea, although maybe not in the way they had imagined.
One day, they get the news that may change their lives forever: the chance to join the crew of an expedition sailing ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from east to west and from north to south.
A 14,000km adventure splashed by salt, giant waves and a vast sea, a voyage of maturity and learning where they will master the art of sailing to maybe one day become great captains.