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Feature Fiction | 80' | 2014 | Argentina

Directed by Raúl Perrone
Produced by Trivial Media


A forest – jungle - enchanted
beautiful - dangerous - sensual
a woman - her husband
a young boy - a teenage girl
(they look like brother and sister)
another teenage girl arrives
a man - in the forest - jungle
two more men - (from another time)
gunshots - running - an escape
a cascade - rain - storm
fire - gunshots - love - passion - death
This is FAVULA


67º LOCARNO International Film Festival, Sección SIGN OF LIFE. Agosto 2014, Suiza.
Viennale International Film Festival, Octubre 2014, Austria.
FilmFest Hamburg, Septiembre 2014, Alemania.

FICC, Valdivia Int. Film Festival, Sección Clausura. Octubre 2014, Chile.
Mar del Plata Int. Film Festival, Competencia Latinoamericana, Nov. 2014, Argentina
Márgenes, Festival Online, Diciembre 2014, Spain.
Las Palmas Int. Film Festival, Marzo 2015,  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
Jeonju Int. Film Festival, Abril 2015, Korea.
D’A Festival de Cinema de Autor de Barcelona, Mayo 2015, Spain.
Olhar de Cinema Film Festival, Curitiva, Junio 2015, Brasil.
Atlántida Film Festival, Festival Online, Junio-Julio 2015, Spain.
Viña del Mar International FIlm Festival, Chile, September 2015.
UNDERDOX – Dokument and Experimental Film Festival, Closing Ceremony, Munich, Gemany, October 2015.