Films for festivals - Promotion and film festival strategiesFilms for festivals - Promotion and film festival strategies


1 | Film Distribution for Festivals

Development of national and international film Festivals Strategies, promotion, performance, shipment and monitoring.
We advise and support the producers, while managing the film along its journey.
If a festival is interested in selecting a film, we take all the important steps to ensure that this happens.
We offer a comprehensive service, adaptable to the expectations and situation of each producer.

Is your film completed?

Would you like your film to travel the world?

Do you need to get on with your new projects?
We develop the most effective strategy in order to send your work to all the film festivals in the world!

How we work

The process is simple: first we look at your film in order to evaluate it for selection, depending on its status and your objectives/expectations. Then we outline where your film can be best placed on the festival circuit, and develop a personalised strategy for each individual film.


The importance of attending festivals


- Promotion of the film at national and international level
- Help put your film on an international distribution platform
- The possibility of winning prizes
- Gain prestige for the film, the director and the producer
- Open up new sales opportunities for the film
- Find possible avenues for coproduction
- Possibilities for international distribution
- Meet with important people in the industry
- General networking and workshop

The length of the festival promotion campaign is decided by the producer.
We will also advise you on possible marketing exposure based on your contractual agreements with television networks and market territories.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for your custom budget!

Conditions and materials

To distribute your film at Festivals we will need the following materials:

- Vimeo Link and Password of the Online screener in V.O with English subtitles
- Link of the Trailer V.O with English subtitles.
- File of Trailer V.O with English subtitles and the following settings:
(file .mov, H264 en 1920x1080px.Transfer bit rate (Kbytes/s) Between 10.000 & 20.000. Sound Stereo: AAC-LC, rate data transmission of 320 Kbytes/s, 48khz)
- Short Synopsis in Spanish, catalan and English language.
- Technical details with: Production Company, genre, length, nationality, original language, subtitles (if any), shooting format, screening format, sound, aspect ratio, shooting places, year and country.
- Main cast (in case of documentaries, the interviewers)
- Main crew
- Photo and ID of the Director
- Bio-Filmography of the Director in Spanish and English language.
- One main photo of the film: 500px x 500px
- 4 – 6 stills of 1020px (width) of the same proportion and in jpg format at 300 dpi.
- Official poster
- Press book in digital format.
- Original dialogue list and/or a English subtitles list. 

2 | Promotion and communication

We also offer the management of press promotions during the festivals at which a film is showing, as well as a communications and promotions plan to the Theatrical Releases

Development of a Communication and promotion plan

- Coordination of press, management, media campaigning and networking.

- Writing press releases and general media communications.

- Preparation of a Press Kit and handling of promotional materials (poster, sinopsis, tráiler, press releases, selecting photos, EPKs etc)

- Launching of social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) for promotional ends, identifying in advance clear objectives and strategies in order to establish communication channels to a potential audience.

- Organization of press passes, previews and premieres.

3 | Representation, rights and screenings management

Depending on the subject/theme and success of the movie in festivals and cinemas, the longevity of circulation can be longer than we imagine.
Apart from traditional, classic channels of distribution (cinemas, festivals, Internet, VOD PPV) the film can also be shown in an educational or academic environment, in seminars, conferences, film clubs, etc.