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I Hate New York

Feature documentary | 75' | V.O English | 2018 | Spain

Directed: Gustavo Sánchez
Executive Producers: J.A. Bayona, Fiona Vidal-Quadras and Carlos Bayona
Producers: Sandra Hermida, Javier Soto and Ricard Robles
Produced by: Colosé Producciones, Silent Soundsystem and Gustavo Sánchez, with collaboration from Películas La Trini
Starring: Amanda Lepore, Chloe Dzubilo, Sophia Lamar, T De Long, among others.
Available subtitles: Spanish

Territories Available: World wide (Except Spain)


From the underground scene of the most radical and fascinating city in the world comes the revolutionary story of four transgender activists, their fierce struggle and emotional fight to create an identity of their own.

New York, 2007-2017. Over a decade, and filming only with a home video camera and no script, the director delves into the private world of Amanda Lepore, Chloe Dzubilo, Sophia Lamar and T De Long; four artists and transgender activists from the city’s underground scene. Little by little, their testimonies reveal fragments of a past –sometimes dramatic, always fascinating and simply extraordinary– that formed their identities and transformed their lives. Their words, fears and hopes take the audience from an outsider’s point of view to being emotionally invested in their destiny.