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Letters that Mark

Life and work of Ricardo Rousselot

Documentary | 72' | 2023 | SPAIN

Directed by: Alex Guimerà
Produced by: Hic&Nunc Filmworks
Producer: Alex Guimerà, Guillem Ventura
Starring: Ricardo Rousselot


"A personal life story and passion for design and calligraphy by Ricardo Rousselot"

A documentary about the life and work of the celebrated Argentine designer and calligrapher, Ricardo Rousselot. At the age of 86, he continues to be active and is recognized as one of the key figures in the world of design and calligraphy worldwide.
His mind and hand have been behind the most iconic logos, brands, and images in our popular visual culture, and he played a decisive role in the renewal of design and the international projection of the Spain brand.
His work is characterized by hand-drawn lettering, one of his most recognizable specialties. Many leading companies worldwide display logos designed by Master Ricardo Rousselot to this day.

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