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LIMBO, the forgotten promise

International Premiere 2021!

Documentary | 51' | 2020 | Spain

Directed by: Antonio Rodrigo
Produced by:Asociación Nomadocs Cine Documental
Subtitles available: Spanish, English and French


"A documentary about the Saharawi people, the last colony on the African continent"

It can be said that Western Sahara is a limbo: it is the largest territory on the planet still to be decolonised, currently under Moroccan occupation since 1975 and waiting endlessly for its self-determination. In this film we will learn about the history of the oppression and resistance of the Sahrawi people, but also about its beauty and richness from the visual poetry, the sounds that evoke the Sahara and the inter-generational story of the protagonists in this history. A project promoted by the Andalusian organisations Nomadocs and Sahara Acción Granada that aims to make a forgotten and silenced testimony visible.