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World Premiere 2019!

Feature documentary - fiction | 70' | 2019 | Uruguay

Directed by: Antón Terni
Produced by: HALO & AMPLITUD Inc
Executive production: Antón Terni, Patricia Olveira, Jana Díaz Juhl, Pau Brunet, Axel Shalson


"A film about friendship through the senses and a metaphor about connection and loss"

Pablo is a thirty-four year old blind man who lives by himself in a remote house by the uruguayan coast. While working on his craft liquors, he records his thoughts on a casette player and sometimes goes back to his own old stories. Valeria and Oscar are his friends, also blind, with whom he goes camping at the ocean side and enjoys rock n’ roll music and concerts. Together they transport us to a sensory world that transcends the image.