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LT22 Radio La Colifata

Feature documentary | 93' | 2007 | Spain

Direction: Carlos Larrondo
Production Company:

Work done in BAUSAN FILMS


LT22, Radio La Colifata is a radio station made entirely by patients at the Psychiatric Hospital J.T. Borda in Buenos Aires. It’s recorded and broadcast from the Gardens of the hospital and can be heard all over the world. It is a radio station which questions the limit between madness and reason. A station which breaks down boundaries between the “sane” and the “insane”. It gives a voice to those who have been denied one for so long: “the insane”, who can show us all of the things that we “sane” people are unable to see.


La Habana International Latin America Film Festival Internacional, Cuba 2007.
Gijón International Film Festival, Spain 2007.
24th Guadalajara International Film Festival, México 2009.

20th Nantes Spainsh Film Festival, France 2010.
4th Social Social Film Festival and Human Rights of Valparaiso, Chile 2010.
Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival, California, USA 2009.
11th DerHumAlc Human Rigths Film Festival from Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009.
27th Uruguay International Film Festival, Uruguay 2009.
22th Bogota Int. Film Festival, Colombia 2009.
Docúpolis FIlm Festival, Santiago de Chile 2009.
VIVA TOUR! Festival U.K and Irland 2009.
15th VIVA! Film Festival, Manchester, U.K 2009.
Huelva Iberoamerican Film Festival, Spain 2008.
MIRADAS DOCS Film Festival, Tenerife Spain 2008.
SANFIC, Int. FIlm Festival Festival, Santiago de Chile 2008.
PLAYDOC Film Festival TUI, Pontevedra, Spain 2008.


AWARD "CENTENARIO SALVADOR ALLENDE" Section “La Locura” 4th Social Social Film Festival and Human Rights of Valparaiso, Chile 2010.
AWARD SIGNIS, “Best Documentary Film” 3th Memory Iberoamerican Film Festival Tepoztlán, Morelos, México 2009.
AWARD “Best International Documentary" MIRADASDOC Film Festival Tenerife, Spain  2008.