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Maniac Miki

Feature Fiction | 84' | 2021 | Venezuela - US

Directed by: Carla Forte
Produced by: Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film
Starring: Carlos Antonio Leon( Miki), Lola Amores (Mimi), Chaz Mena (Donald)


In this irreverent critique of the entertainment industry, filmmaker Carla Forte follows the struggle of Miki and his friends (Mimi & Donald) as they try to make sense of their lives after being laid off from the happiest corporation on earth.

Miki, a heavy smoker and very depressed who once was a popular fixture in the entertainment world, reveals the sad, excessive and abusive reality behind a world of manufactured dreams that was anything but dreamy. His friends Mimi and Donalt provide testament to such harsh reality. Miki Maniac takes a stand against all those unattainable dreams.


Chichester International Film Festival (August 12, 2022) Chichester, UK.
Festival Internacional de Cine de Guayaquil (August 31, 2022) Guayaquil, Ecuador.