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Maria converses

Feature documentary | 61' | 2016 | Spain

Directed by Lydia Zimmermann
Produced by Testamento Producciones and Artisan Films


'María conversa' follows the actress Blanca Portillo (Palm Award to the best actress in Cannes Film Festival for Almodovar's film "Volver") on her creative process as she prepares to incarnate Maria of Nazareth in the play Mary’s Testament” by Colm Tóibín and under the direction of Agustin Villaronga.

As the character shapes during rehearsals, we witness every stage of this process; the building of the scenography and the decisions of mise en scène, costumes and lightning, as well as the discoveries and challenges that both, the actress and the director, face by bringing life to the text.

The story is one that everyones knows, with the crucifixion and death, but in this version the author has given the voice to the woman. Maria the character and Blanca the actress, undertake a parallel journey. One towards a confession she has been hiding for decades, the other to conclude a two month creative experience of tears, laughs and self-reflection.