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World Premiere 2020!

Feature documentary | 84' | 2020 | Spain

Directed by: Xavi Esteban y Odei A.-Etxearte
Produced by: Antivaho Cinematográfico
Co-producers: TV3 - Televisió de Catalunya - CCMA


A city-symphony of the margins of a European metropolis like Barcelona.

Outskirts takes us on a journey to Santa Coloma through the echoes of its past. This Franco regime’s suburb was transformed into a dignified city by its own neighbors. The architect who designed with them that transformation was killed in a cruel terrorist attack. His children recover their epic and, with it, the story of a whole city in struggle. Those times resound in the streets, squares and faces of today.

It is by its spiraling narrative that we are invited to reflect on what sustains the architecture of a city and our ways of life: What does it mean to be involved in a world that that doesn’t seem to be willing to improve? Once again, the outskirts will be disclosed as spaces to rehearse genuine ways of life.