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Return to Raqqa

Documentary | 78' | 2022 | SPAIN

Directed by: Albert Solé, Raúl Cuevas
Produced by: Minimal Films
Co-produced by TV3 wiht the participation of Movistar+


“Chronicle of the most famous kidnapping of journalists in history”

Return to Raqqa
 is the chronicle of what was possibly the most famous kidnapping case in history, that of 19 journalists and NGO officials of different nationalities who were captured by the Islamic State, as narrated by one of the victims: the Spanish reporter Marc Marginedas, the first captive to be freed. Six of the prisoners were beheaded in front of a camera. The images were broadcast around the world and became a tragic and highly effective communication strategy for ISIS.

Theatrical Release in Spain on January 27, 2023 - Local Distributor: Movies for Festivals