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Story of a Steering Wheel

Feature Documentary | 90' | 2021 | Spain - France

Directed by: Iñaki Alforja, Iban Toledo
Produced by: ON produkzioak, Iñaki Alforja (Spain)
Co-production: VraiVrai Films (France)


A forced disappearance doesn't only end with the life of the person who has disappeared, but generates, like the ripples of a stone thrown into water, an enormous emotional scar in their families and in society.

In the early 1980s, José Miguel Etxeberria Álvarez, alias Naparra, a member of the Autonomous Anti-capitalist Commandos, was disappeared. Between crossed statements, numerous vindications and judicial indifference, his family will try to find an answer for his disappearance. More than forty years later, Eneko has taken up the baton of the search for his brother to close the wound that has remained open for so many years.