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The Digital Promise

Feature documentary | 64' | 2014 | Spain

Director: José Manuel Pinillo Bun
Production Company: Bun Media, S.L.
In Coproduction with: TV3 (Catalan Television) and TVE (Spanish Television)


25 years ago there was a promise of a new world, and an alternate reality with endless possibilities based on the cybernetic revolution. But what have been the real changes through this 25 years and in which direction are we going now?
From the first artistic and musical expressions to our present digital life going through our bodies, movies&videogames, robots and artificial intelligence and the tech-way we have adopted to communicate each other.


– ART FUTURA, Barcelona, Noviembre 2014, Spain
– Festival International of Science Documentary Films Academia Film Olomouc, Abril 2015, República Checa.
– 20th Split Film Festival of New Film, Croatia, September 2015.

– VIDEOMEDEJA International Video Festival, Serbia, October 2015.
– The International Scientific Film Festival, Hungary, October 2015.