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The Journey of the others

Feature documentary | 74' | V.O.S | 2019 | Chile

Directed by: Jaime Villareal
Produced by: Alto Andes
Executive producer: Benjamín Vicuña

Main Theme by: Roger Waters


At the Freedom Theater in Jenin refugee camp, the next Palestinian Intifada is brewing.
In every corner of the Freedom Theater  you can breathe the idea of "Cultural Resistance".

In the main hall of the Freedom Theater, a group of brave actors rehearse a play, risking their lives in order to fulfill a dream they are not willing to abandon: to premiere this play on the stage of the theater of the University of New York.

A little further on, more than 20 children fill the theater workshop during their vacation. Together, they forget the wounds of the occupation for a few hours. There, their most painful stories make way to their dreams of freedom, to the desire to express themselves, to their need to play.




Cine Fertil Award for Cultural Diversity, Latin American Competition, LatinArab Film Festival, Oct. 2002 (Argentina)