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The last adventure of The Gandul

Diary of a shipwreck

Feature documentary | 80' | 2017 | Spain

Directed by: Tomás Cimadevilla
Produced by: La Casa Roja Producciones


A group of friends without any nautical experience and an experienced Captain go on board a catamaran named Gandul. They meet at the Canary Islands with the purpose of crossing the Atlantic Ocean and arrive to the Barbados Island five weeks later.
During the crossing we'll live unique moments, all amidst an amazing scenery. We will live the adventure with them.
At the same time we will hear the testimonies of people who crossed the world alone on board a sailboat as an adventure or sport, a lifestyle and way of thinking.

Weeks later, on the way back to Spain the catamaran gets surprised by a huge storm in the middle of the ocean which causes the shipwreck of the Gandul.