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Time, the essence of a Man

Feature Fiction | 90' | 2014 | Spain

Dirección: José Antonio Quirós
Productora: El Nacedón Films


In this story, a mixture of fiction and reality, the main character doesn't know if he has definitely lost his mind or if he is the only man on Earth who isn´t crazy. “Am I crazy or is it everybody else?”
Fran, a hypochondriac man in his forties, has spent half of his life talking pills. While he waits for the diagnosis of his last pain, with the certainly that this time it will be some irreversible illness, he decides to abandon his old life and come back to his roots.


Theatrical Released by ESTRENO MOVIES FOR FESTIVALS – Cineteca Matadero Madrid– September 2015, Spain.

– Gijón International Film Festival, Nov. 2014, Spain.
– Chicago Latino Film Festival, April 2015, USA.
- Cicle “The New Spanish Cinema” FILMOTECA EXTREMADURA, Abril 2015, España.


- GAVA Award to “Best Director” Gijón 2014.