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To see a Woman

First Feature

Feature documentary-fiction | 61' | V.O.S | 2017 | Spain

Directed by: Mónica Rovira
Produced by: Mónica Rovira
Starring: Mónica Rovira, Sarai Gracía
Available subtitles: Spanish and English

Territories Available: World Wide

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“An intimate, poetic and beautiful film about the relationship between the Director (Mónica) and her first female love Sarai”.

"To See a Woman“ is a discarnated, emotional chronicle of an intense relationship, far from conventional love stories of cinema. A film made up of spare moments, fragmented images, highly emotional while confusing instants. A story sewn by inner feelings and frames that carry us to those fragile (while intense) states, the kind of condition that you have when you lose a loved one.

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