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Voices from Mozambique

Feature documentary | 97' | 2011 | Spain

Directors: Susana Guardiola, Françoise Polo
Production Company: BAUSAN FILMS

Treball Realitzat en Bausan Films


The faces of Mozambican women are full of untold, silenced stories… Voices from Mozambique rescues the voices of African women who struggle, every day, to bring development to Africa. Five stories which represent the life cycle of women, and the shadow of a legend reincarnated in all of them: Josina Machel, the first Mozambican heroine and guerrilla fighter, who fought for independence and women’s rights. Women who continue to demand a voice by evoking the voice of Josina and making it their own.


1001 Int. Istanbul Documentary Film Festival, October 2011, Turkey.
Cinema Sao Jorge Film Festival, Ciclo “Rotas & Rituais” Lisboa, Nov. 2011, Portugal.
6th DOCKANEMA, Intenational Documentary Film Festival of Maputo, September 2011, Mozambique.