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We Don't Exist

Documentary | 64' | 2015 | Spain

Directed by Ana Solano
Produced by Ana Solano y Belén Herrera

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This film documental is about refugees women. We try to investigate the places where they arrive, their new countries. How they live and survive.

We try to investigate the really discrimination: Genre.

How the genre is the fundamental source of domination in their origin countries, also in the XXI century.


4th WOMEN Media Arts and Film Festival – CINEWEST, Sydney, September 2017, Australia.
HUMAN DISTRICT Int. Film Festival 2016, Belgrado, Serbia.
PNR Madrid Film Festival, Ocober 2016, Spain
19º FIDOCS International Documentary Film Festival from Santiago de Chile 2015.

Erie International Film Festival 2015, USA.
VI Political Cinema Show directed by women, Montevideo 2015, Uruguay.
Political Cinema Show directed by women 2015, Madrid Spain.